Best Practices for Sports Camps

Harrison Kent Advisors provides a comprehensive set of services that we tailor to the unique needs of colleges, high schools and other organizations that operate sports camps. We assist our clients by:

  • Evaluating the entire sports camp enterprise
  • Developing strategies to improve operations, reduce risk, increase revenues and reduce expenses
  • Recommending “best practices” and assisting with their implementation

Sports camps have evolved from informal ventures into significant businesses. Given the high stakes and the reputational risks, camp operators should proactively examine their entire camp operation.
Operating sports camps creates risks. Proactively assessing risk areas and implementing strategies to minimize risk are critical to maintaining a competitive durable advantage from camps.
Camp staff members are the single greatest influence on a camp’s success. Whether the camp operator’s brand is reinforced or enhanced will ultimately depend on how well camp staff deliver instruction and care for campers.
Most camps must comply with some type of regulation. Whether it is NCAA bylaws, high school association rules or state/local regulations, compliance is essential.
Successful camp operators understand their market and the need to satisfy their customers’ needs. They also need to determine the best methods to interact and communicate with potential customers.